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Tears have no colour

to Nelson Mandela

Finding it is time,
we can hear you breath,
our hearts wide open,
we pray for you to live.
You are still here,
and with us forever,
we have no more fear
and walk with you together.
Standing tall you can
only see the sky above,
and without fear show us
there is no hell or heaven.
Even in the darkest night
only your heart beats bright
tears can pave the way
for us to see the light.
Never give up hope
anything can be overcome
because tears have no color
and the world will be one.

Meng Qiu


it's the fish that live and die

If fish in a fishbowl swim left and right,
if people on earth live through light and night

and hands feed the fish with fish food at bright
and fate bestows people with fortune and pride,

when fish feel lucky and happy and well,
when people feel safe and health and wealth

then water freezes to ice and fish see no light,
then peace turns to war and people must fight

and coldness and darkness cast shadows like night
and evil emerges with no end in sight.

But someday the ice will break and crack,
but fighting will cease when much blood was shed,

if beams of light fall through the top of the ice,
if peace talks resume even fighting resides

then summer returns to the fishbowl at last,
then peace is established and war is just past.

Again will the hands feed the fishbowl at bright,
again will the peoples feel wealth and pride,

what a wonderful place for a fish to be,
what a marvelous world for all peoples to see,

in the end all fish live and all fish die,
we all know how, but I still wonder why.

Meng Qiu


Lions fill me with pride and might

when I look at the zodiac's bright sky at night. I can see how they prance through their path when the sun rises high and the birds fill the skies as their shadows horrify all the hiding insects on the sunbaked earth scurrying swiftly below the lions fur. As the lion marches over remains of a perished goat that was yesterday slain, looking round and around for the hunter that entered the lions terrain. Yet the lion reveals that intruders remain as binoculars eye on his noble crown, silhouettes of twelve humans one driving a jeep as they target the king of the roaring sound.

It still is a wonder of natures grace, a cat crying out in the deserts of hell, the species human loves visit this place as big cats like these may die out as well. And here they stand opposite eye to the eye as silence emerges to intensify the chirp of crickets surrounding the scene where man again chose to intervene with the ways of nature, cruel as they seem.

For me and most people the lion remains what man should not touch for this world's sake, a majestic creature god chose to create that stays all above us as starlight reveals.

Meng Qiu


no nothing ,no everything

no down ,no up
no wet ,no dry
no lose ,no win
no few ,no many
no miss ,no catch
no take ,no give
no these ,no those
no narrow ,no wide
no no ,no yes
no false ,no true
no empty ,no full
no dangerous ,no safe
no stupid ,no wise
no late ,no early
no fat ,no thin
no expensive ,no cheap
no slowly ,no quickly
no shallow ,no deep
no below ,no above
no dirty ,no clean
no busy ,no free
no boring ,no fun
no small ,no big
no weak ,no strong
no far ,no near
no old ,no new
no poor ,no rich
no war ,no peace
no sad ,no happy
no come ,no go
no crazy ,no normal
no close ,no open
no left ,no right
no heavy ,no light
no difficult ,no easy
no hate ,no like
no alone ,no together
no end ,no begin
no worst ,no best
no black ,no white
no hell ,no heaven
no nothing ,no everything.

Meng Qiu


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